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Benefits of Earning a Diploma in Intra Oral Dental Assistant
  • According to the Labour Force Survey (2009), the Median Hourly Wage for Intra Oral Dental Assistant was $21.22.Whereas the Median Hourly Wage for all occupations was $25.00.
  • High Demand: From 2011-2020, job openings are expected to total 162,168 while only 158,109 job seekers will be available to fill these job openings.
  • 78% of workers in this occupation worked full-time, compared to the average of 81% for all occupations.

Accounting and Payroll Administrator
Financial Aid & Scholarships Available
  • Government Student Loan.
  • RBC Royal Credit Line for Students.
  • There may be other forms of financial aid available to you. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for specific government grants and bursaries. Additionally, you may be eligible to receive funding through a government-sponsored agency such as HRSDC or WorkSafe.

Discover the many career opportunities that present themselves when you enroll for the Intra Oral Dental Assistant Diploma program from one of our featured colleges. An intensive and comprehensive study of dental care, dental radiography, oral pathology and pharmacology, this program's courses involve a variety of theoretical and practical lessons. A few of the things that students learn are preparing patients for treatment and treatment rooms, assisting dentists during treatment, processing radiographs, applying topical fluoride, maintaining patient and insurance records and performing other general administrative duties. Core courses include orientation to dentistry, oral facial science and environmental safety and health. In order to perform administrative duties, students are taught how to organize and maintain diagnostics records and conduct radiography. In order to graduate with a diploma, students must doo a mandatory 80 hours of practicum or work experience in a private clinic during Phase I and 60 hours during Phase II of the program. This practical experience gives students the opportunity to work in real- life dental environments with professional dentists and dental assistants. The program follows the guidelines laid down for certification in framing the curriculum. To be employed as Certified Dental Assistants, graduates must be certified by the College of Dental Surgeons, BC along with the certification by the National Dental Assisting Examination Board (NDAEB). To further their career in dentistry, interested candidates can take up the Expanded Training in Orthodontics program from our featured colleges.

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