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Accounting and Payroll Administrator
Healthcare is a rewarding career which makes a difference in the lives of people and your life as well. Our featured colleges have a number of diploma and certificate programs which are much in demand in the field of healthcare. Courses are available in different sectors of healthcare such as nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, child care, rehabilitation and therapy. An experienced faculty is engaged in teaching these courses in a professional setting.

Our programs cater to a wide range of students, from those looking for additional qualifications and education to those who are trying for a career change. Every program is tailored to the requirements of that industry and small class sizes result in individual attention being given to each student by the faculty. This also ensures that the learning matches the demands of the current job market. We believe that theory must be coupled with practical training, so our programs provide ample opportunities for internship so that students can get real- life experience before they graduate. Latest tools and techniques and technologies used in the healthcare field are also part of the program.

Graduates are well equipped with theoretical as well as practical knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the healthcare career of their choice. They also receive counseling and practical career advice from the college's career service centre before they leave to join the workforce. They can find employment opportunities in a variety of fields and health care settings such as hospitals, pharmacies, home support work and medical offices.

The listing below showcases our many healthcare programs. You can also enlist the help of our Admissions Representative to choose the career best suited for you.

A career as a caregiver is suitable for you if you love to help people. Caregivers are much in demand in Canada and the Health Care Aide program from one of our featured colleges will prepare you for this rewarding career. more>>
Make a difference in your community and in the lives of people needing specialized care by taking up a career in care giving. The Community Health Care Worker program from one of our featured colleges gives you hands – on training for work in schools, more>>
Because they are usually the first faces patients see at the dentist’s office, Dental Office Administrators are key members of the dental health team. As such, they must be knowledgeable, organized and client focused. If you are looking for a career in more>>
The Dental Assistance Program prepares students to work in different dental offices and public or private health care establishments as Dental Assistants. The Dental Assistance program helps to develop important dental assistant practices and at the same time develops the student’s more>>
You can aim for a career in a range of professional dental offices from those of a general dentist to those of specialized dentists like orthodontists and oral surgeons. The Dental Receptionist Coordinator program equips students with the knowledge of fundamental medical terminology more>>
Certified Dental Assistants and Registered Dental Hygienists who are practicing and wish to expand their existing skills can enroll for the Expanded Training in Orthodontics. This training module of 50 hours duration is specially designed for this purpose with more training in more>>
Discover the many career opportunities that present themselves when you enroll for the Intra Oral Dental Assistant Diploma program from one of our featured colleges. An intensive and comprehensive study of dental care, dental radiography, oral pathology and pharmacology, this more>>
In the Medical Office Assistant Program, you will learn basic medical terminology and pharmacology, and be trained to prepare and administer basic medical office tests. As a student in the Medical Office Assistant program, you will learn to assess and more>>
Committing yourself to your community and helping people kick their drug and alcohol abuse problems for good can be a rewarding career. The Addictions and Community Services Worker Diploma is for those students interested in a career in professional health care. more>>
Due to the growing interest in natural health and human longevity, the general public is exhibiting an increased awareness in natural and holistic medicine and, in particular, Acupuncture. In fact, many extended health benefit plans now recognize more>>
People in general have taken an increased awareness to health and longevity and are opting for natural and holistic medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in particular. Many extended health benefit plans are also recommending their clients to use the services of more>>
Enroll for the Massage Therapy Diploma program from one of our featured colleges and become a part of the wellness and health care industry. more>>
There is great demand in the industry for well- trained personnel. The Veterinary Office Management Diploma program aims to train graduates with skills in general office management with specialization in veterinary office training. An all-rounder program, it trains more>>
The Medical Laboratory Assistant Diploma program from one of our featured colleges prepares students for a career in a medical laboratory setting through theory based study and practical training. more>>
In the present day competitive market, it is always good to have certifications that are recognized and respected by the industry to get a good job offer. Certifications help to show to more>>
Through the Medical Office Assistant Diploma program from our featured colleges, students can make a positive impact on the daily running of a modern medical office. more>>
Well-trained travel professional are the requirement for the booming travel and tourism and hospitality industries. There are numerous occupations and sectors covered by the tourism more>>
Are you are interested in looking after people or a career in health care? Students interested in a career where they work closely with other health care specialists in private homes, long- term care facilities, public schools or acute care wards should think of taking up Practical Nursing as a career.more>>
The Health Care Assistant program gives specialized training to look after the special needs of the elderly or those with physical and mental health issues residing in temporary or permanent home cares. more>>
The Medical Office Administrator diploma program teaches students to develop the skills they need to work in a modern medical office. The 36-week program teaches students to build strong computer skills and use industry-standard software such as more>>
There are excellent career opportunities in the health care sector and the aging population and ever increasing need for quality health services, makes careers in this field always in demand. The Health, more>>
The 45-week Pharmacy Assistant program teaches students the skills they will need to successfully work in a modern pharmacy. Students learn about filling orders under a pharmacist's supervision, identifying prescriptions, entering client information, and more>>
Information management plays an important role in medical facilities. Institutions depend on well-trained professionals to collect and maintain detailed health records used to enhance the quality of patient care. The Medical Records Administrator more>>
There has been an increased interest in Spa Therapy and Spa practices over the last several years. As the stress of the business world and demands on the body and mind increase, the public is asking for a compliment to their existing therapies. more>>
A pharmacist provides vital health information to the patients and dispenses medicine to them. As a Pharmacy Assistant, you can enter the health care industry in an integral role as you will be helping the pharmacist with his work. The Pharmacy Assistant more>>
Students learn the skills needed to work successfully in a modern pharmacy in the Pharmacy Assistant Program of 45 weeks. The basic skills learnt under this program are identifying more>>
The Pharmacy Technician Diploma program from one of our featured colleges will help you join the ever growing field of pharmacy. The comprehensive program teaches students the skills more>>
The Pharmacy Technician – Retail diploma program from one of our featured colleges prepares you for a career in the growing field of pharmacy. With a customer – centred approach, the more>>
Pharmacy technicians inform people about their medical conditions accurately and explain their prescription medications. Pharmacy technicians of high calibre are in great demand because of more>>
The health care industry needs trained professionals to store its huge volumes of medical records and maintain and protect them. A career as a Medical Records Clerk balances more>>
A Medical Office Assistant works in the heart of the health care industry. Our featured colleges offer the Medical Office Assistant Diploma program which is of 32 weeks duration. During the more>>
The Medical Administrative Assistant Diploma program from one of our featured colleges will be useful for students who have interest in business and medical sciences. Through this more>>
The Medical Office Administrator Diploma program helps to develop the administrative skills needed to work in a medical office. The program of 36 weeks teaches students to use standard more>>
The Medical and Dental Office Administrator program is designed to provide students with good grounding in general office administration as well as specialized skills necessary for dental more>>
Canada’s fast growing travel and tourism industry provides many exciting career opportunities. Some of the hospitality sectors showing great promise are events and conferences, food and more>>
Medical laboratory technicians conduct routine medical laboratory tests and set up, clean and maintain medical laboratory equipment. They are employed in medical laboratories in hospitals, clinics, research institutes and universities and in government research laboratories. more>>
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