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National Outlook – 10-Year Projection (2011-2020)

This section provides labour demand and labour supply projections for this occupation over the 2011-2020 period.

Note: The tables, graphs and middle paragraph shown under this section display updated 2011-2020 projection results. The remaining narrative text (2009-2018 projections) will be updated shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The data in the following table are derived from HRSDC's Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS). COPS uses a variety of models to produce a detailed 10-year labour market projection per broad skill level and per occupation at the national level, which focuses on the trends of labour supply and labour demand over the next ten years.

This occupation (Managers in Health Care) is part of a larger occupational group called Managers in Health, Education, Social and Community Services (NOC 031).

Table on the demographic profile for your chosen occupation at the national level.

Occupations in this group Managers in Health Care (0311) 
Administrators – Post-Secondary Education and Vocational Training (0312) 
School Principals and Administrators of Elementary and Secondary Education (0313) 
Managers in Social, Community and Correctional Services (0314) 
Employment (non-student) in 2010 105,904
Median Age of workers in 2010 47
Average Retirement Age in 2010 58

Occupation Projection for Canada

Over the 2006-2008 period, this occupation experienced a slight drop in employment. Its unemployment rate, which was already low, decreased at a rate similar to the occupational average. The average hourly wage increased more rapidly than the occupational average and is among the highest of all occupations. According to key labour market indicators, the number of job matter was sufficient to fill the job matter in this occupation.

Over the 2011-2020 period, an occupation will be in excess demand (a shortage of workers) if the projected job matter (arising from expansion demand and replacement demand) are greater than the projected job matter (arising from school leavers, immigration and mobility), while an occupation will be in excess supply (a surplus of workers) if the projected job matter are greater than the projected job matter. For Managers In Health, Education, Social And Community Services, over the period of 2011-2020, job matter are expected to total 66,981. It is expected that 52,247 job matter will be available to fill these job matter.

Although labour supply and demand in this occupation were balanced, projections indicate that the occupation will experience a surplus of demand over the 2009-2018 period. The number of job matter will be insufficient to fill job matter over this period. Job matter will arise primarily from retirements. Over the projection period, the retirement rate in this occupation will be one of the highest among all the occupations. Workers in this occupation are older than the average and retire earlier than those in other occupations. Moreover, demographic changes will add pressure to the health sector, in which expansion demand will be strong. Given the nature of the occupation, namely that it requires a certain level of experience, the school system and immigration can provide only a limited number of qualified candidates. The majority of candidates will therefore come from other occupations (particularly from the health sector) where they have already acquired considerable experience. This trend will increase in the coming years, but will not be sufficient to fill all matter.

This Chart contains data for Projection of Job Openings vs. Job Seekers for Canada. Information is available in the following tables
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Table of job opening projections for the occupational group containing your chosen occupation.
Category Openings %
Expansion Demand 15,405 23%
Retirements 45,247 68%
Deaths 3,921 6%
Emigration 2,408 4%
Projected Job Openings 66,981 100%

Table of job seeker projections for the occupational group containing your chosen occupation.
Category Seekers %
School Leavers 11,221 21%
Immigration 1,952 4%
Net Mobility 39,074 75%
Projected Job Seekers 52,247 100%

What proportion of men and women work in this occupation?

The graph displays the proportion of men and women in this occupation in comparison to the Canadian average across all occupations.

According to the Labour Force Survey (2009), women represented 80% of workers in this occupation, compared to the average of 48% for all occupations.

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