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Vancouver Career College

Vancouver Career College is one of the leading career training schools in Vancouver BC with industry-relevant programs available at six convenient locations and small class sizes. It aims to provide students with the highest standard of career training and education and has shown good results in job placement of its graduates.

Dedicated to providing high standards of education and career training, Vancouver Career College has a number of distinguished features. The curriculum is designed to meet the educational standards of the provincial government of British Columbia and other industry organizations. It also has a team of dedicated instructors who are passionate about their field and highly trained, experienced and motivated to share their knowledge with the students. The British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development, College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC and TESL Canada recognize specific education and health care programs of the college. The Canadian Payroll Association (CPA), the Industry Training Authority (ITA) and the Forum of International Trade Training (FITT) training standards, as well as those laid down by other third parties are met by our trades programs.

Vancouver Career College is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (of BC), more details of which can be obtained from their website http://www.pctia.bc.ca/search/208.htm.  Graduates of our college are well equipped to enter the workforce with standardized recognized diplomas and certificates giving them a leading advantage.

The range of courses and programs offered by Vancouver Career College make it an ideal place for career training in British Columbia. Visit the nearest campus for more details.

Best Programs and Courses

Vancouver Career College offers programs and courses in the fields of business, healthcare, hospitality, legal and trades. The course content is based on contributions from professionals and led by instructors with industry experience. Students use the same tools and techniques that are actually used in the industry to hone their skills and enhance their knowledge. Specific training programs also meet the standards of governing ministries, licensing bodies, industry training authorities and several professional organizations.

Spread over six different campus locations in British Columbia, Vancouver Career College prepares graduates for careers in business, healthcare, hospitality, legal and trades industries with a range of 34 career training programs. Graduates learn the latest techniques required by employers in the field as all the courses and programs are responsive and adaptive to changes in the job market.

Focused Educational Approach

Vancouver Career College courses and programs use a student-centric approach to learning. To promote more student- teacher interaction class sizes are small. Classroom based educational approach is integrated with hands-on experience and learning opportunities in every program. Also, Vancouver Career College has a community based campus, so students can live, study and work close to their homes.

Practicum Placement and Career Services

In order to allow students to test their newly acquired skills and knowledge in a work environment, most programs of Vancouver Career College. During their internship in a job setting, students learn to apply theory to practice, gain experience and demonstrate their skills under the supervision of independent practicum hosts.

Practicum Placement may lead to permanent employment either on completion of the course or sometimes maybe even prior graduation.

For those conducting job searches, the Career Services department of Vancouver Career College is an excellent resource. It even provides resume assistance, interview preparation support and job postings to students, graduates and alumni.

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