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Construction Electrician

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Construction Electrician Foundation

The Construction Electrician Foundation program at one of our featured colleges prepares you for a career as an electrical apprentice. Qualified electricians are much in demand and paid highly as well. The 27 week program is a combination of classroom, lab and workshop training. Basic principles and protocols of electrical work such as installation and maintenance of electrical power, lighting, heating and alarms are taught to the students. Fundamentals of electrical work, math and physics, electromagnetism, electrical code, equipment testing, hand and power tool use, interpreting sketches and drawings are included in the curriculum. Students are examined by the Worker's Compensation Board and Safe Work Practices for Safety practices. A five week practicum qualifies the students to enter the electrical career at an entry – level position.

Construction Electrician Level 1

A Construction Electrician Level 1 program at our featured colleges is the next stage for electrical apprentices to build upon their knowledge of electrical theory and advance in their careers. They develop the necessary skills and increase their knowledge of electrical theory to remain employed as electrical apprentices. Key topics such as circuit diagrams and construction, concepts of electrical circuits, safety and rigging techniques are taught to students. Solid-state components using a variety of power and internal circuitry of a number of instruments like voltmeter, ammeter, galvanometer, watt meters, ohm meters and watt-hour meters are examined and designed. Computer skills are also taught.

Plumber Foundation

The Plumber Foundation program at our featured colleges prepares students for the high demand, well – paying and respectable trade career. Fundamentals of plumbing and basic procedures are dealt with during the 29 week program. Students are familiarized with the core subjects of construction math and science, plumbing tools and materials, study of blueprints and piping systems. Students are taught to design, construct and maintain a plumbing system through hands – on training and to familiarize themselves with the Worker's Compensation Board and Safe Work Practices. Entry-level positions in the plumbing trade are taken up by graduates after five weeks on-the-job training.

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