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Legal Administrative Assistant
Spécialiste en Technologies de L'Information Appliquées à la Bureautique - LCE.3V Concentration: Assistant Administratif en Milieu Juridique)

Accounting and Payroll Administrator
Legal Administrative Assistants, also known as Legal Secretaries, have the highest paid position in office administration. As key members of the legal office, they are responsible for its smooth and efficient functioning. A Legal Administrative Assistant Diploma program from one of our featured colleges trains you through an intensive study of legal procedures, terminology, legal record keeping, book keeping and study of court systems. The program which is of 43 weeks duration requires no previous secretarial experience and instructors explain the specific duties and working mechanism of a typical legal office exhaustively. Computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook), keyboarding and transcriptions skills are also honed through hands – on practice. Students are also given an Internet and Core Computing Certification. A major aspect of the program is the familiarity the student gains of the Canadian legal system. Besides knowledge of the court systems and legal rights, students study various aspects of corporate and commercial law, real estate and conveyance, wills and estates, family law, civil litigations and criminal law. Law offices specializing in these areas provide ample employment opportunities. A five- week practicum leads to graduation from the Diploma program which can be further enhanced by enrolling for the Paralegal Diploma Program. Every office needs well-trained staff and graduates of this program can work as assistants in legal departments of real-estate, financial and other organizations. Once certified as a Legal Administrative Assistant, the challenges and opportunities are endless.

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