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For more than 40 years, CDI College has helped thousands of students train for better careers and find new opportunities. With campuses across Canada, the college offers hands-on training from experienced instructors in a wide range of business, technology and health care programs. Flexible schedules and career placement services are also available to help students attain their career goals.

The curriculum at CDI College is market-driven. Programs are developed based on input from advisory boards made up of industry experts. Programs are designed to meet the demands of various industries, such as business, health care and technology and are responsive and adaptive to changes within in these industries. Additionally, CDI College’s instructors are all industry-experienced professionals within their fields.

To ensure that CDI College graduates are job-ready from day one, most career training programs that allow students to gain experience in the workplace. Practicum placements have led to permanent employment for a large number of CDI College graduates, in most cases prior to the completion of their full program.

CDI College operates under the regulations established by the provincial and federal governing bodies either for accreditation or licensing. The curriculum meets the standards established by several professional associations, provincial government ministries, licensing bodies and industry authorities.

At CDI College, we have been helping students build their careers for over 40 years! As one of Canada’s premiere career-training providers, we offer solid, market-driven programs that focus on helping our students develop the skills that are in demand by the leading employers in the business, technology and health care industries.

At CDI College you will get the skills employers want, as our programs are designed to reflect the requirements of employers in your chosen career field. Moreover, our instructors are also industry experienced professionals who combine academic instruction with practical training to help you develop the knowledge and the skills the marketplace demands. Get focused education fast, since in a matter of months you can complete a career focused program that ensures you build the skills sought after in the workplace.

Why choose CDI College? When you choose CDI College, you can be confident in your commitment to your future! Here is why thousands of students have enrolled in our career training programs:

  • We have trained Canadians for more than 40 years
  • Our curriculum is market driven
  • Our programs provide hands-on training

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