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Art and Design Programs at our featured colleges train you for a career as a graphic designer. Design, layout, color theory, typography, prepress, marketing and presentation principles are the major areas covered by the curriculum.

Tools of computer graphics design are also introduced to the students who become well versed with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. They learn to create eye-catching graphics, magazine covers, posters and brochures with QuarkXpress and InDesign. Fundamental web designing skills using Dreamweaver and HTML are also taught.

An impressive portfolio showcasing the students' talents will be ready by the end of the course. It will highlight your ability to translate creative ideas into professional looking print and web-based designs.

Students can begin an exciting career as a graphic designer by enrolling for the Computer Graphic Design Diploma program. If you are particular about page layout, if typography is your forte or you are fascinated by product packaging, then this more>>
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